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March 28 2018

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A Wide Selection of break Room Supplies

Companies and offices that provide coffee supplies, snacks, and other break room amenities often have limited choices. Bulk bargain stores are cost-effective and convenient, but have so many different items selection is typically small. While employees appreciate being able to grab a soda or cup of coffee during break times, the same old brands can get boring. So, how do companies present a wide variety without going to several stores?

A Delivery Service

Experienced coffee delivery and break room supply companies, such as Associated Coffee, offer a huge selection of coffees, teas, sodas, equipment, snacks, paper products, creamers, and sweeteners. They get items in bulk from manufacturers at deep discounts. The savings is passed on to clients. There are even a few delivery choices.

Larger companies, offices, and facilities can arrange for full services. A changing variety of items will be delivered at specified intervals. This keeps the break room stocked and avoids boredom. Smaller companies can send orders as needed via the website and have everything delivered as well.

Delivery services are available in Northern California and surrounding areas. Supplies can be shipped nationwide. Discover all the possibilities, learn about offered services, and request a quote at Associated Coffee.

Why Variety is Important

A variety provides a balance and a means to suit preferences. When the only options are sweet snacks and caffeinated beverages, the boost is followed by a crash. The sugar rush, for example, boosts energy but also results in a low sugar crash shortly after eating. Caffeine is a popular way for people to remain alert and sharp. It is also a diuretic that will cause dehydration.

The results of both a sugar crash and dehydration include physical fatigue, inability to concentrate, zero energy, and risks of head and muscle aches, colds, and irritability. That will not help with mid-morning or afternoon productivity. An emphasis on healthy alternatives, with some sweets and caffeine available, will increase productivity, foster creativity, elevate moods, and boost collaboration.

Other Benefits

Offering break room choices does much more for employees and the company than just staving off thirst and hunger. It is an essential part of any employee appreciation efforts. Multiple studies completed over decades indicate that most people rate feeling valued higher than salary when checking off reasons for staying with a company. This sense of being taken seriously is what motivates employees to volunteer for overtime shifts, work holidays, and accommodate company needs when schedules change.

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